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Actor agency Freshfilms formed in January of 2009 and has established itself as the most highly professional and best actor’s agency in Moscow and Russia, providing a wide range of selection and casting actors for film, TV series, TV projects, as well as theater productions, conducts acting classes .

Actor Freshfilms agency successfully cooperates with the major studios and production centers, including a Cinema concern “Mosfilm”. We work with the best teachers of Moscow Art Theater School, GITIS, the WTU them. MS Shchepkina TI them. Boris Shchukin.

Actor Freshfilms agency has its own cast base – as a famous, rich filmography and experience, as well as beginners, full of promise. All the professional actors agencies – students and graduates of the country’s leading theater and foreign universities, as well as graduates of acting Freshfilms

Actor Freshfilms Agency  provides the following services: the selection of the cast for the film industry of different projects, professional services for the dubbing of foreign and Russian film and television projects, assistance in conducting negotiations, making castings, help in conducting videoproby promotion in the media, decision on copyright

Actor Freshfilms Agency  guarantees a professional performance of their duties, regular live chat with the manager, financial and legal welfare. The agency gives the opportunity to young talents to sign a contract for “full exclusive” and creates all the necessary conditions for their rapid ascent to star Olympus.

Actor Freshfilms Agency  – a new look at the sphere of art and show business, strives into the future. We open our doors to the most talented, promising and ambitious and are always interested in new faces and mutually beneficial cooperation! We know what the actors, actresses, casting, film actors, casting, actor, acting, auditions in Moscow on how to get the role, casting in the movie, how to become a star, male actors, beautiful actors, acting agency, acting classes, auditions advertising, audition, school of acting, stage speech, acting school.

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