Mickey Anthony Domashёv

Микки-Энтони Домашёв


  • Age: 22
  • Height: 185
  • Weight: 63
  • clothing size: M (44 – 46)
  • Shoe size: 43.5
  • Hair: ash blonde
  • Eyes: Green


  • Higher (State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education GITIS, year – 2015).
  • Studio, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor Alexey Igorevich Scheinin. Moscow city

2008. Russia. The winner of the international musical-instrument competition “Running on Waves” 1st place.

Extra skills

  • Languages: English (Basic)
  • Dance: On the basis of the school.
  • Vocal pitch, dubbing voice: Baritone, Bass.
  • Singing: On the basis of school
  • Musical instruments: Balalaika (professional), piano (semi-professional)
  • Sports: Volleyball (Professional), table tennis (professional), basketball (semi-professional) football (fan), skating (fan), videos (amateur), skiing (fan)
  • Vehicles (driver’s license which category): No
  • Other skills / abilities (language, dancing, musical instruments and so on. D.)
  • Dancing – Charleston, modern, tango, classical (semi-professional)


  • “Major Thunder” (director Vladimir Besedin.) Role – Major. second plan.
  • “Fathers” (dir. Arsho Harutyunyan)
  • 2013 “black leather jackets”, directed by Sebastian Alarcon, independent film, full meter. 100 min. Role – pizzeria worker (episode).


  • 2012. * “Mowgli. Beginning of the novel “(based on the novel” The Jungle Book “by Rudyard Kipling, directed by People’s Artist of Russia Alexei Scheinin.) – Hunter (episode)
  • 2013 * “Corn my soul” (in correspondence of Anton Chekhov, LS Mizinova, I. Potapenko, M. Chekhov, directed by Maria Gadomskaya.) – Anton Chekhov (main role) shows in the Central House of Arts , Meridian
  • 2014 * “Zoyka Apartment” (on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Alexei Ozhogin.) – Paul F. Obolyaninov (main role) is shown in the STD, Central House of Arts, House Bulgakov Theater Courage
  • 2013 * “Pippi Longstocking” (in a series of books by Astrid Lindgren, directed by Irina Nekrasov.) – Rogue Blonay (background) shows at the Taganka Theater, Theater Nikitsky Gate.
  • 2014 * “Anna Karenina” (the novel by Leo Tolstoy, directed by Margarita Monisova.) – Konstantin Levin (main role) shows at the Taganka Theater
  • 2014 * «LUV» (on the play by Murray Shizgala, directed by Alexei Ozhogin.) – Harry Berlin (main role) shows in the theater Courage
  • 2015 * “Dead Souls” (the poem by Nikolai Gogol, directed by Alexei Ozhogin.) – Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov (main role)
  • 2015 * “Look Back in Anger” (based on the play by John Osborne, directed by Ekaterina Nikolaeva.) – Cliff Lewis (second place)

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