Eugene Yarushnikova

Евгения Ярушникова


  • Place of residence: Moscow
  • Age: 29
  • Playing age: 25-35
  • Height: 175
  • Clothing size: 42 (36)
  • Shoe size: 40 (41)
  • Hair blonde
  • Eye color: four green


  • VGIK workshop VNShilovsky “theater and film actress” 2017


  • “Behind closed doors” the role of Estelle Rigaud (one of the main roles), directed by Veronica Pankova

Theater Studio Vsevolod Shilovsky.

  • “Classmates” the role of Anna (one of the main roles) by VN Shilovsky
  • “Suitcase” – President of Russia (one of the main roles) dir. VN Shilovsky.
  • “Mansion on the ruble” the main role – Oksana, dir. V.N.Shilovsky

Extra skills

  • dancing
  • Athletics
  • skiing
  • vocal
  • step
  • fencing

Knowledge of languages

  • English – intermediate


  • “Yards” (in production) (dir. Andrey Korytko)
  • “Conductor” (in production)
  • “Themis Sees” (dir. Nikita Grammatikov) the role of Olga Solovyova
  • “Drove” (dir. Ilya Kazankov.) The role of Hostess
  • “Senyary” (dir. Anton Fedotov) the role of the girl Fedi
  • Filatov (dir. Maxim Sveshnikov) the role of secretary Zhenya
  • “Blue Tit 2” (dir. Valentina Vlasova) supporting role – Sonya
  • “Between us girls” (dir. Alexey Kiryushchenko) the role of Zhanna
  • “The Bride” full meter (dir. D. Grinkin) the main role of Nina
  • “Melodies of Love” (dir. Natalya Uglitsky) the role of Lily
  • “There will be no divorce” (dir. Sergey Bystritsky) the role of Lera
  • SASHATANYA (dir. M. Starchak, S. Kazachansky, A. Potapov)
  • “Titmouse-2” (dir. Valentina Vlasova) supporting role – Sonya
  • “Blue tit” (dir. Ilya Kazankov) supporting role – Sonya
  • “Joker 3” (dir. M. Pogosov) role – nurse
  • “Love is” (dir. Rustam Ilyasov)
  • “Well, hello Oksana Sokolova” (dir. Kirill Vasiliev)
  • “The Melody of Love” (dir. Natalia Uglitsky)
  • The Trap (dir. Mikhail Pogosov, Roman Eremin)
  • “Witnesses” (dir. Mikhail Kalmykov) the role of Larissa
  • “Summer Residents” (dir. Leonid Gyune, Yulia Sargsyan) Main Role
  • project “Favorite” dir. Mikhail Zhernevsky
  • TV series “Hotel Eleon” (second season, one series)
  • “Barman” (dir. Dina Shturmanova) the main role
  • “And laughter and sin” (dir. A. Baranov)
  • The Stranger in the Mirror (dir. Stanislav Rubenchik)
  • “Linked”
  • Friday (dir. Evgeny Shelyakin)
  • “Green lamp” (dir. Y.Teplyakov)
  • “Mafia: A Survival Game” (dir. Sarik Adreasyan)
  • “Kitchen”, 4th season (dir. A. Fedotov)