Alexandra Kiseleva

Александра Киселева


  • Location: Moscow
  • Age: 18
  • Game age: 15-20
  • Height: 175 cm.
  • Hair color: light blond
  • Eye color: blue gray
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Institute of Film and Television (GITR)

Extra skills

  • Choreography and all types of dance. Winner of prestigious international dance competitions.
  • English – fluent


  • The series “Chased,” directed by Ilya Kazankov and Philip Korshunov, 2020. Main role: Dasha;
  • The Million Dollar Detective, directed by Oleg Larin, 2020. Role: Nadia;
  • Sklifosovsky, directed by Julia Krasnova, 2020. Role: Marie;
  • Fake News, director Lada Iskanderova, 2019. Main role: Anna;
  • “Themis Sees,” directed by Nikita Grammatikov, 2019. Role: Olya;
  • Pansies, directed by Sergey Krasnov, 2019. Role: Kat;
  • The series “Teachers”, drama, director Ilya Kulikov, 2018. Role: Oksana;
  • “Love them all”, director Maria Agranovich, 2018. Role: Natasha;
  • Eye to Eye, directed by Dmitry Panteleev, 2018. Role: Galya Bogacheva;
  • “Atonement,” directed by Oleg Fesenko, 2018. Role: Alina Chulko;
  • The series “Spider”, director Mikhail Zhernevsky, 2017. Role: Masha Bolshakova;
  • “A good boy”, directed by Oksana Karas, 2016. Role: dancer;
  • Voguerra, directed by Henric Hemmerlind, Sweden, 2016. Main role: Voguerra;
  • “Dance of Silence”, director Evgeny Kravchenko, 2015. Main role: dancer.

Theatrical and choreographic productions:

  • “There is no place to know” (Start.Rec), director E. Yushkov, 2015, role: Girl from the fairy-tale world;
  • “I’m going to look for you” (Ginseng), director E. Yushkov, 2014, main role: Alice;
  • “A Dream of the Holy Spring” (Start.Rec.Future.Perfom), director E. Yushkov, 2014, role: lizard;
  • “Birth” (Start.Rec.Future.Perfom), director E. Yushkov, 2014, main role;
  • “The Royal Devils Show” (ROYALTY project), director T. Volosov, 2013;
  • Show production of “Pirate Station Revolution” (Record Dance Radio), 2013, directed by L. Stych;

It entered the top three winners (2nd place) in the Actoria Film Competition 2015 of the Amedia film company (the contest participants are graduates of theatrical universities, young theater and film actors).

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